Leading The Industry

Mackay Lighting Design Provides the latest in technology and is leading the industry in design, programming and LED technology.

Our design facilities have proven a richness and openness that has brought the ideas of our clients and the grandness of design into our program. Vectorworks and Renderworks has allowed Mackay Lighting Design to put our capabilities infront of clients before one cable is run and one truss bolt tighten. From the simple 2D drawings provided in-house rigging companies, or the renders to show clients a realistic version of how wonderful their event can and will turnout with us, Mackay Lighting Design can turn their ideas from paper to real life!!!

Mackay Lighting Design jumped way forward to provide clients with the Ma Lighting Grand Ma2 Lite. The most power agile lighting console being used today. It outperforms every console out today with its expandability, its flexibility and the sheer programming versatility power, that is the Grand Ma console!!!

One of the first to provide Color Kinetics Color Blast to it’s clients in 2002, the PixelRange pixelline 1044 in 2008 and now bringing the JB Lighting Fixture the A7 to New England for the bright, low wattage and video friendly instrument that is showing off in events all around town. We lead the way in efficiency.

We use all the best of industry standard. Why you ask? When we are onsite, our gear is the best, not only the best equipment made, but it is the best maintained. It’s run by the best, it looks the best, it performs the best. Why? Our clients want to know that they are definitely getting the best! wouldn’t you?